Club Fitness Addiction August 2020

Club Fitness Addiction is now OPEN for workouts!

With 8000 square feet of space, Club Fitness Addiction is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Orange County, complete with private training, free weights, cardio, spinning, pilates, and barre classes.

For inquiries, message Sandy at (714) 274-3532.

We’ve been a locally owned and operated facility for the past 15 years and we don’t believe in contracts that tie you down for years.

We have a great selection of clean and user friendly equipment to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

About Us

Club Fitness Addiction is a Huntington Beach Fitness Center dedicated to providing it’s residents with an alternative to the large corporate Orange County Gyms, where you’re just another member and just another payment. We get to know each and every one of our members on a first name basis. We don’t have a sales staff, because we don’t need one.

Richard started his sports background by playing soccer from the age of 6 and turned professional at the age of 17 right after high school. He played professionally in South America, Europe, and the U.S. After being forced to retire because of a career ending knee injury at 29, he started his personal training carreer and has been doing it ever since.

Rich was also a Fitness Model and has been featured in magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Health and Fitness. Rich is experienced in strength training and speed and agility training as well. His sports background has enabled him to work with youth, amatuer, and professional athletes.

He holds certifications with the American Council on Exercise and ISSA.

Sandy Lopez has been in fitness for over 25 years. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Kinesiology.

She began weight training in college and hasn’t stopped yet! Learning the art of healthy eating habits, she lowered her bodyfat to 9%, contoured her body and accomplished winning the title of Miss California, Miss Huntington Beach, and Miss Golds and was a Top 10 finisher of the Miss Galaxy at the age of 35.

She has been on top TV shows, such as Good Morning America and Body by Jake as well as magazines like Muscular Development and Womens Health.

Sandy has experience training beginners, top atheletes, pre and post natal, while teaching proper form, postural alignment, a balanced lifestyle, and keeps exercise exciting! Sandy is also certified in Pilates and Spinning for a more variety inspired workout.

If you want someone who practices what she preaches, and can help you reach your goals at whatever level you’re at, then Sandy is the trainer for you!

Personal Training

Club Fitness Addiction has the best trainers in Orange County.  Our Trainers are Certified and full of Experience.

What is special about Certified Trainers?  

  • Our Trainers have the latest knowledge on cutting edge research that aids in helping people get to their specific goal(s)
  • Certifications are ongoing, keeping Trainers Focused & Motivated

What type of Experience do Trainers have?

  • Played College Sports
  • Played Professional Sports
  • Working with Current Athletes
  • Working for Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

Contact us with information on your Goal(s) and what Motivates you.  We will match you with one of our Trainers for an evaluation. This provides our Trainers with valuable information to plan a strategy that works for you. Everyone is different, therefore, each person should be addressed individually.

Outside Trainers:

Club Fitness Addiction welcomes outside trainers, so if you’re looking for a friendly Gym to bring your clients too, we’re it.

Outside Training Sessions are $15 per hour. See Rich or Sandy and we’ll give you the lay of the land.

Call us to schedule a tour of the facility and get yourself familiarized with what we have to offer. This way you can have a quick and productive session with your client.

We reward referrals, so if you refer another outside trainer to use our Gym, your next session with a client is on us, but your referral must mention your name for you to get credit.


The most INTENSE 60 minutes you’ll ever love!

Spinning is a 60-minute super cardiovascular workout combining cycling techniques with dance music. It has the potential to burn as much as 800 calories in a single workout! For all fitness levels, this non-impact workout uses a specially designed stationary bike controlled by a resistance knob. This allows you to go at your own pace.

At Club Fitness Addiction were known for our up tempo and energetic Spin classes. You’re sure to have a great workout and fun time when you attend one of our classes, so be ready!

Remember our Spin Classes come with your monthly membership, so there’s no additional charge.


Sunday 8:30AM Rachel
Monday 6:30AM Rachel
  8:45AM Sandy
Tuesday 8:45AM Amy
  6:00PM Sandy
Wednesday 6:30AM Rachel
  8:45AM Sandy
  6:30PM Alexa
Thursday 6:00AM Charrie
  8:45AM Amy
Friday 6:30AM Rachel
  8:45AM Sandy
Saturday 8:30AM Sandy


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