Personal Training

Club Fitness Addiction has the best trainers in Orange County.  Our Trainers are Certified and full of Experience.

What is special about Certified Trainers?  

  • Our Trainers have the latest knowledge on cutting edge research that aids in helping people get to their specific goal(s)
  • Certifications are ongoing, keeping Trainers Focused & Motivated

What type of Experience do Trainers have?

  • Played College Sports
  • Played Professional Sports
  • Working with Current Athletes
  • Working for Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

Contact us with information on your Goal(s) and what Motivates you.  We will match you with one of our Trainers for an evaluation. This provides our Trainers with valuable information to plan a strategy that works for you. Everyone is different, therefore, each person should be addressed individually.

Outside Trainers:

Club Fitness Addiction welcomes outside trainers, so if you’re looking for a friendly Gym to bring your clients too, we’re it.

Outside Training Sessions are $15 per hour. See Rich or Sandy and we’ll give you the lay of the land.

Call us to schedule a tour of the facility and get yourself familiarized with what we have to offer. This way you can have a quick and productive session with your client.

We reward referrals, so if you refer another outside trainer to use our Gym, your next session with a client is on us, but your referral must mention your name for you to get credit.