The most INTENSE 60 minutes you’ll ever love!

Spinning is a 60-minute super cardiovascular workout combining cycling techniques with dance music. It has the potential to burn as much as 800 calories in a single workout! For all fitness levels, this non-impact workout uses a specially designed stationary bike controlled by a resistance knob. This allows you to go at your own pace.

At Club Fitness Addiction were known for our up tempo and energetic Spin classes. You’re sure to have a great workout and fun time when you attend one of our classes, so be ready!

Remember our Spin Classes come with your monthly membership, so there’s no additional charge.


Sunday 8:30AM Rachel
Monday 6:30AM Rachel
  8:45AM Sandy
Tuesday 8:45AM Amy
  6:00PM Sandy
Wednesday 6:30AM Rachel
  8:45AM Sandy
  6:30PM Alexa
Thursday 6:00AM Charrie
  8:45AM Amy
Friday 6:30AM Rachel
  8:45AM Sandy
Saturday 8:30AM Sandy